Roofing Contractor Services for Residents of Oklahoma City & Throughout Central Oklahoma

At RoofRX, we are pleased to offer a wide range of roofing contractor services to homeowners and business owners throughout Oklahoma City, OK. While we’re best known for our roof inspections, repairs, and maintenance services, we offer a number of roofing services as well. These include installing attic radiant barriers, attic and roof ventilation systems, chimney repairs and rebuilds, and skylights.

Radiant Barrier Installation

A radiant barrier is a reflective material installed in attics to help reduce thermal transfer. It’s used to help keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter by preventing the outdoor temperatures from penetrating through the roof and into the attic and rest of the home. They can be a smart investment for homeowners wanting to improve their home’s energy efficiency, but only if they’re properly installed. The effectiveness of radiant barriers depends on how and where they’re installed, and the roofing contractors at RoofRX are experts in optimal radiant barrier installation.

Attic and Roof Ventilation Systems

Did you know that the majority of homes in the Oklahoma City, OK, area do not have a proper attic and roof ventilation system? Proper ventilation also helps with energy efficiency and reduces thermal transfer to help keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Additionally, attic and roof ventilation helps maintain the health of the roof. Improper ventilation can lead to ice dams in the winter or an overheated roof in the summer. Our team can provide a roof inspection to determine whether your ventilation system is adequate and provide installation services as needed.

Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds

If you have a chimney on your home, it’s important to keep it in good condition for the benefit of your roofing system. A crumbling chimney or damaged chimney flashing can lead to more extensive damage to the surrounding areas of the roof. Our roofing contractor services include complete chimney repairs and rebuilds as well.

Skylights and Solatubes

Skylights and Solatubes are great options for adding natural light into your home directly from the ceiling. Skylights are essentially windows built into your roofing system. A solatube is a skylight system that uses a tube to direct light from the roof to your ceiling when there’s a distance between the two. At RoofRX we are a certified Solatube Premier Dealer proudly offering both options to help brighten even the darkest of spaces in your home. To learn more please visit The Daylight Doctor.

Services From the Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

When you choose RoofRX for your roofing needs and accessories, you’ll know you’re in good hands from start to finish. Our commitment to excellent service and exceptional workmanship set us apart from other roofing contractors in the Oklahoma City, OK, area. If you’d like to learn more about any of our roofing services, contact RoofRX today.


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