Skylight and Solatube Lighting Installation Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Skylights windows on modern house roof top.

RoofRX is pleased to be your source for skylight and Solatube® lighting installation services in the greater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, area. If any of the rooms in your home seem dim even with all the lights on and sunlight streaming in through the windows, skylights and Solatube lighting offer the ideal solution for brightening up your space. And there’s no better lighting company to turn to for these products than RoofRX.

Benefits of Skylights and Solatubes

You can think of skylights as windows for your ceilings. These windows let in more sunlight during the daylight hours so that you can enjoy a brighter and more functional space. But what if your ceiling isn’t directly connected to your roof? Perhaps there’s an attic in the way or some other space creating distance between the ceiling and roof. In these cases, you can still enjoy the benefits of a skylight by opting for a Solatube instead. Solatubes use a tube that directs light from the roof to the ceiling so that you can still enjoy the benefits of natural lighting solutions in your home.

Offering Expert Installation Services

Whether you’re interested in a skylight, a Solatube, or you’re not sure which, RoofRX can provide you with the products and services you’re looking for. We have extensive experience performing both skylight installations as well as Solatube lighting installations, and you can count on our experienced technicians to ensure your new lighting system is properly installed for lasting performance in your home.

If you’d like to learn more about our skylight and Solatube lighting services, contact RoofRX today. We proudly serve residents throughout the greater Oklahoma City, OK, area.

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