4 Tips for Storm Damage Roof Repair

Oct 26, 2022

Man inspects damaged roofDealing with roof damage resulting from a storm can be stressful. However, it’s important to be prepared, stay calm, and act intentionally in the aftermath. The most crucial way you can prepare for this type of unfortunate event is to ensure that your homeowner’s insurance is up to date and provides solid coverage for storm damage to your roof. If a storm does cause damage to your roof, follow these tips to help ensure a smooth, quick fix.

1. Assess the Damage

As soon as the storm is over and it’s safe to go outside, do a visual inspection of your roof from the ground. Take photos of any visible damage, including any signs of damage indoors, like water leaks, holes, or cracks in your ceiling.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

Next, call your insurance company to file a claim. You will likely need to submit the photos you took to document the damage. Be sure to do this soon after the storm, as many insurance companies have time limits regarding how long after the event you can file a claim.

3. Contact RoofRX

Once your claim has been filed, contact us at RoofRX. We specialize in roof repair solutions and can work on virtually any type of commercial or residential roof. As soon as the storm is over, we will have all hands on deck making repairs. We do our very best to get to you within 24 hours of your service request, but it may be longer in the case of a particularly severe storm. So, in the meantime…

4. Do Some Emergency Roof First Aid if Necessary

Use extra shingles, sheet metal, a tarp, or whatever you have on hand to patch your roof if you can. Remember, there may be unseen structural damage, so use extreme caution if you must get onto your roof.