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A roof inspection is an essential first step before having any work done to this important component of your home or business in Oklahoma City, OK. It’s important to understand the condition of your existing roof in order to determine what type of work needs to be done and to what extent. While some cases may be best off with a complete roof replacement, many can be addressed with roof repairs instead. At Roof Rx, we are the roof repair experts. We offer thorough roof inspection services as well as comprehensive roof repair services—and we even back all of our work with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

How We Perform Roof Inspections

At Roof Rx, you can expect old-school customer service, focused on creating a pleasant and seamless experience for all of our customers. But that doesn’t mean our methods are old-school as well. In fact, we use some of the latest technology during our roof inspections to ensure we get a complete picture of your roofing needs. This includes using drone footage to capture all angles of your roof and infrared cameras that can detect moisture damage beneath the surface of your roof. As the roof repair experts, we ensure that every detail is attended to so that we can provide you with a roof repair estimate that’s accurate and will provide a lasting solution to your roofing problems.

Roof Repair Advice From the Experts

After your roof inspection is complete, we’ll provide you with expert advice based on our findings. We can show you images of areas where damage has occurred and will explain how we can go about fixing it. We offer comprehensive roof repair services, including replacing blown-off shingles, chimney flashing, soffit and fascia, damaged underlayment, and many other parts of your roof so you can rest easy knowing your roof repair needs are covered with Roof Rx. If your roof inspection reveals that you’re in need of a new roof, we will refer you to a qualified roofing contractor that can complete a roof replacement project for you. We offer:

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If you have concerns about the roof on your home or business in the Oklahoma City, OK, area, contact the roof repair experts at Roof Rx today to schedule a roof inspection. Financing is available to help put any roof repair needs within reach.




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