Professional Roof Repair Solutions in Oklahoma City & Throughout Central Oklahoma

If your roof is not looking or performing at its best, then it’s time to call the professionals at RoofRX. We specialize in providing expert roof repairs to homeowners and businesses throughout Oklahoma City, OK. As a quality residential and commercial roofing company, we combine old-school customer service with modern-day technology to provide you with exceptional roof repair services from start to finish.

Specializing in Residential & Commercial Roofing Systems

Whether you’re looking for residential roof repair services for your home or need a commercial roof repair service performed, RoofRX is the company you can rely on for a wide range of repair services in Oklahoma City and other communities in Central Oklahoma. Our repair team is trained in all best practices and highly experienced to provide you with the right roof repair solutions for your needs. We work on all types of roofs, including asphalt shingle, metal, wood shake, and flat roofs, providing any necessary repair services, such as replacing:

  • Blown-off shingles from wind damage
  • Plumbing boots
  • Wall, chimney, and skylight flashing
  • Soffit and fascia with moisture damage
  • Water heater or furnace base flashings
  • Storm caps and collars
  • Turbine heads
  • Improperly installed underlayment
  • And more

There are many components that work together to provide you with a high-performing roof. And at RoofRX, we are experts in the anatomy of your roof. We use the latest technology, including drone footage and infrared cameras to scan for and locate damage that may not be visible. Then, we can recommend the right roof repair solutions for you, whether it’s a minor roof repair or a little more involved. If your roof inspection reveals that your roof needs to be replaced, we will refer you to a qualified roofing contractor that can complete the project for you. When you choose RoofRX for your roof repairs, you can have complete confidence in our services. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship—something you won’t find with other roof repair companies.

Get Started With a Roof Inspection

The first step in getting the roof repairs you need is to schedule a roof inspection to identify the damage and determine the best solution. Contact RoofRX today for more information on the roof repair solutions we offer in Oklahoma City, OK.


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